Apprenticeship-based training is available for existing members of University staff providing fully funded professional training and development opportunities. The courses listed in this section on the left are core to University administration and will suit staff in many roles and career paths. These courses are funded via the Apprenticeship levy, are available for staff of all ages and levels and require a significant commitment to training and assessment from both staff members and their managers.

To apply for any of these opportunities please download the application form.

Please make sure that before completing the application form you and your manager have:

  • read the information on the course you are applying for, and;
  • attended one of the Apprenticeship information sessions.

It is important that before applying you and your manager understand the time commitment required for the training programme.

In addition to the courses outlined there is a very wide range of other courses to suit all professional areas. Information can be found on the Find apprenticeship training website.

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