For Managers

  • Do you want to build the professional and technical skills of your department's support team?
  • Are you getting value for money from your current staff? 
  • Are your staff developing and working at their full potential? 
  • Are you seeking additional capacity?
  • Are you interested in developing a pipeline of qualified professionals for the next generation of workers? 

With these questions in mind, have you looked into recruiting an apprentice? Employing one or more apprentices could help you fulfil the needs of your faculty or department.


Hiring an apprentice within your University department will give you the opportunity to create opportunities for upward development and retention opportunities for skilled team members.

Still interested? If you would like to know more, then come along to one of our information sessions which can be booked through our Eventbrite page.

Head to the 'Recruiting an apprentice' page to see the whole process. We also have information on budgeting, training for supervisors and testimonials from other managers to encourage you to hire an apprentice.

Apprenticeships offer a variety of benefits for your department, including:

  • Effective pathways for strategic workforce planning and recruitment
  • Training to meet the needs of your department
  • The promise of vitality, fresh perspective and new ideas
  • Development of mentoring skills in existing staff
  • Support to the community by creating opportunities for local young people

The National Apprenticeship Service also offers information on the benefits of hiring an apprentice here

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