Welcome to the Guide to Staff Development


The University recognises the importance of personal and professional development, and there are many opportunities for individuals to develop their skills and their careers within the University. Whether you already have a long-term career plan and want to find ways to realise your goals or are more interested in developing new skills in your current role, the information on these pages is designed to guide you. The focus is on self-directed learning and development, with guidance on how individuals can take ownership of their careers with support from line managers.

This guide is aimed primarily at professional and administrative staff, but may also be useful to anyone seeking to develop their workplace skills and abilities.

  • If you are a researcher, the content of these pages should still be of interest as many of the principles will apply to you. There is also a link below to the Support for researchers website.
  • If you are an academic, there is a link below to the Oxford Learning Institute (OLI) website where you will find a number of programmes and resources relevant to academics.

If you have any suggestions to improve these pages, please email the administrator for the Learning Institute's Professional Development group, pdadministrator@learning.ox.ac.uk.

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