Become an Apprentice

Why do an apprenticeship?

A great partnership

Thinking about what to do after you leave school? Or are you already in work and fancy making a career change? Then an Apprenticeship could be the right path for you.

The University of Oxford believes in engaging people who are enthusiastic about learning new skills in the workplace while studying to obtain an accredited qualification. This is part of its ardent belief in providing both mainstream learning and highly specialist opportunities. For this reason, it looks to enrol apprentices that strengthen its different academic, administrative and technical departments at different levels. Current vacancies are advertised here.

So, what’s in it for me?

As an apprentice, you will be employed by the university and learn by working alongside experienced colleagues as well as by attending a more formal course in your chosen field. The course attended and the length of the programme will depend on the type of apprenticeship. Through the apprenticeship you can achieve relevant, work-related qualifications from Level 2 diplomas through to foundation degree. Apprenticeships are supported by selected external Training Providers with instruction funded through the apprenticeship levy.

As a member of staff at the University of Oxford, you will also have access to a range of benefits and discounts.

Am I the right fit?

You can become an apprentice at any age. Many apprenticeships are designed to support the employment, training and development of recent school leavers; but do not let this deter you if your school days are behind you. There are plenty of opportunities for anyone looking to learn a new skill whilst they work for the university. 

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