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We know that as a parent, you want your son or daughter to have the best possible start in their career. We know that helping them make education and career choices is very important. For this reason, on this page, you will find information that will guide you in supporting your son or daughter to make the right decision. If they are still at school, you will know that the government is committed to increasing the number of Apprenticeships available to school leavers. 

The University of Oxford is committed to this objective as a beneficial next step for young people in the Oxford area. An apprenticeship is a real job with a constructive and rewarding learning programme that provides an excellent way to obtain skills and experience and to build a solid foundation for your child's future career.

Completing an Apprenticeship with us will not only put your child in a fantastic position for potential continued employment, but will also make them a very sought after employee for another company. 

- Clive Shepherd, Apprenticeships Manager

Three of the main reasons why Apprenticeships are a great way for your son or daughter to start a career:

  1. They earn while they learn: Apprentices earn a wage whilst they work towards a qualification and gain work experience.
  2. There are many choices availableApprenticeships are available in a large number of job roles and because they now also offer the possibility of attaining the equivalent of a university qualification, roles are opening up in a number of professions, as well as in technical roles.
  3. Achieve an accredited qualification: The Government funds 100% of the training costs, and the apprentice earns a wage.


If you need further information, the National Apprenticeship Service and UCAS provide the following resources:

A parent's guide to Apprenticeships

UCAS Apprenticeship tips


If you are an educator or adviser to a young person, the National Apprenticeship Service also provides Resources for Teachers and Advisers and a Teachers' Handbook and Study Material.


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