University Apprenticeship Networking Group

The Network is managed by Max and Toni-Ann


max evans


Max Evans: I am an Apprentice Recruitment Assistant working at Wellington Square, completing a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship through Abingdon and Witney College.




toni ann website


Toni-Ann: I’m a Level 2/3 Finance and Accounting Apprentice. I will be rotating to work within purchasing, payroll, grants, projects and management accounting over the duration of my apprenticeship.




What is the Apprenticeship Networking Group?

The Apprenticeship Networking Group will give you the chance to connect with other apprentices across the University that are all completing a range of apprenticeships at various stages in their course.


What are the Apprenticeship Network Sessions?

Apprentice Network Sessions are held during working hours to discuss college, work-life, your apprenticeship, personal development and different career paths. It’s a great opportunity to network with other apprentices participating in similar courses. You will also get the opportunity to be involved in the sessions. There are usually snacks on offer too!


How will the Apprenticeship Network benefit you?

Equally, as apprentices our departments value our development, so this is the perfect way to progress your communication skills and add networking sessions to your ‘off-the-job training’.

•    Professional Development
•    Networking Skills/Experience
•    Grow your confidence
•    Public Speaking
•    Presentation Skills
•    Add your involvement to CV
•    Content for your LinkedIn (Demonstrate to your connections or future employers you take part in these types of activities)


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